kinokokoneko (kinokokoneko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Curious about cards!

Hello everyone, I recently bought a small lot on ebay and in it are some things I was after a little more information on, Pics under the cut!

Firstly there is this set of three cards, I can't find much info for them, other than they are promo cards from a magazine, but I'm curious as to whether they are hard to come by, what the value is etc.

Here's a little insert thingy with them and the back of the cards.

Also what are these things? I'd assume they are from a dice game.

And just to make the post interesting here's some new gets, yay!

This makes me happy <3 I got enough fishy zukans to give them their own sea shelf!

OK it looks like a bunch of sea pokemon washed up on a beach and died but it's a work in progress!!

Anyway thanks for any info you can provide on the cards! I hope to have an updated sales post soon, I'm having a clearout <3
Tags: dragonair, dragonite, dratini, tcg, zukan
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