Eboncharizard (eboncharizard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Day Gets!

Hey everyone! :D

Just wanted to share my goodies from Pokemon Day at Target :3

So, obviously, there's the pikachu visor and Shiny Magikarp Promo, BUT I got some awesome other stuff :3

First off, there was a stand with Pikachu Kuttaris next to where they were giving out the visors and cards. I really generally dislike pikachu, but he was so cute, I had to pick him up ;-;
Then, as I was walking away, a Nintendo Representative stopped me and pulled me over to a second table about ten feet from the first. He handed me an ORAS Hoen region poster, and the Pokken/RBY cards you see there, and asked me about how long I'd been into pokemon. So, we talked for a few minutes, and i showed hom my collection, which prompted him to go into his bag and pull out one of the Torchic Keychains target gave away when ORAS came out, and he gave it to me! :D
He then told me to stay posted because there will be "Lots of fun new pokemon to collect this year", and even mentioned the release of Sun and Moon! :D
So geeked! :D

Happy Pokemon Day 2.0! :D

~ Ebon
Tags: magikarp, pikachu, plush, tcg
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