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Pokemon Day Round 2

Hey everyone, so I went to Target this morning for their Pokemon Day event! I nabbed the shiny Magikarp card and Pikachu visor, but like many others, I was surprised to see a bunch of Pikachu Kuttari Cuties, so I decided to pick one of those up as well!

Pictures of everything under the cut. I've also attached a photo of myself with everything under the cut, so as per the rules, here's a warning for that if you don't wanna see it.

Further #pokemon20 celebrations, this time at Target. My head's too big for the visor to properly fit 😂
My head's too big for the visor to fit properly omg.

What a cute card. I can't help but be fond of this silly fish.

The Kuttari pile is slowly growing...

So yeah, that's about it for now! Happy continued celebrations of Pokemon Day c:
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