ceruleanblues15 (ceruleanblues15) wrote in pkmncollectors,

In Search of: Axew Items!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone got to have a fun day at Pokemon Day at Target! I myself am rather proud of my Froakie holo as it's rather adorable with Frodagier in the back (I'll post pictures later). I'm also well overdue on my collection update which I'll do around the next time as I missed my one year anniversary.

But with this all aside, I'm currently in search of some Axew items. You see, my younger brother has become a Pokemon fan, and I'm rather happy/proud about it since he did it on his own with me being away at college so I couldn't rub off on him completely xD Since his birthday is coming up, I decided that I'd surprise him as I caught him telling our dad he wanted an Axew (dream big little one because I wish pokemon were real too :'( ), so I thought what better way to surprise him than with some Axew goodies. He's more so into the TCG so if anyone has some Axew cards for sell I'd be interested them, but I'd really love to find him an Axew plush too so he could have his very own Axew. Thanks again!
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