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~SSS and Pokemon Day 2.0 Gets!~

So my SSS package came in! You can see the sss gift I gave to areica96 HERE

I didn't get to make a post until the weekend, work has been pretty crunchy for me lately but everyday I've been checking to see if I got my swap. I'm so excited it finally came!

I have my Shiny Sylveon, Hawlucha and my newest pokedoll, Shiny Mienfoo pokedoll to help me open it!

I saw this on my doorstep and thought "What did I order?" *Picks it up* "Whoa, this is reeeeeally heavy. I don't think I've bought anything that heavy." I opened the lid and knew it was my special SSS gift. C: The Mickey and Minnie stickers are a nice touch since I work on the Mickey Mouse Shorts. X3

Opening up the box, tons of green easter grass and a green letter with a cute little Sylveon drawing. <3

Look at all the pretty green themed Pressies! Lets open the letter and find out who my swapper is!

Here's my card! So, my box is Easter/St. Patrick's day themed. I love it! I think I got this around St. Pattys. c:

It seems my secret swapper is none other than akeyma!!! Aaah! How amazing! I never would've guessed! <333 She's actually a veteran collector on the comm and has been here around the same time I joined. <3

This cute drawing of a Hawlucha ripping his shirt off like Hulk Hogan was also in the card. She said her hubby wanted her to make a sculpture based on this. XD It's funny because back in the early 90's Hulk Hogan was my neighbor for a short time. XD No joke. That would've been an incredible figure.

First present I opened had this custom painted Zigzagoon kid figure! :D The paint looks gold and shimmery! I love it! I have all my main colletions painted shiny but I never thought to paint a Ziggy. <3 It's so pretty! I'm glad I have one, I should probably get a Linoone now.

Second present had a cute Sylveon acrylic charm! I never seen this one before. :3 I love collecting these and this one is adorable! Look at that bunny looking sitting pose.

She also added the PkmnCollectors Magikarp tag! I bought one from the community when they had them up for sale but now I have an extra!

My first tag is wrapped around my Shiny Sylveon Pokedoll.

But now, I have an extra to put around my Hawlucha pokedoll! :D So cool!!!

Now its time to open up the two biiiiig gifts.... They're very heavy. What could they be???

Oh my god......

Look at this incredible sculpture!!!! ;A; This figure is AMAZING! AAAAH! Look at that pose, those legs, that pokeball! Even her bows have heart shaped patterns. ;3; I can't believe how well this figure sits perfectly on the table on that pokeball. It's surprisingly sturdy.

Here's my shiny admiring this beauty. I always adore non generic posed figures and sculptures. Aaaaah! Lovely!

Time to open the other big gift!

Look at this majestic work of art!

Not one but TWO amazing hand made sculptures! Loooook at HIM! The pose is perfect! He too stands perfectly on the pokeball. No wobbling or anything! So nicely done.

Look how perfect the wings are! They're so thin and they even got the tail right! He has a long feather in the back. Ah! Such an eye for detail! Love love love! I can't get over how amazing these figures are. *U*

My Hawlucha Pokedoll admiring his sculpture self.

One more because he's just too good for words.....

Here's my two new babies! I can't get enough of them. They're sitting on my desk for now cuz I can't stop staring at them. I'll put them in my collections soon. *w*

I also got a bunch of Easter themed candies. Those chocolates are long gone! I ate em' up quick! So tasty.

I also got this egg. You put it in water and within days a cute easter pet will pop out of the egg and grow.

!!! It finally cracked! What did I get?! A duck or a chick?

Aparently, I got a cat. XD An easter cat. Haha. He grew so big that we put it in a jar.

Here's all my lovely gifts! I'm very pleased and couldn't be happier with what I got. ;u; You did an incredible job with everything! Sorry I was so hard to shop for. XD Thank you so much for all the effort and thoughtfullness put into this box. <3 I love everything!!! Thank you, akeyma This is always my favorite time of year on the comm. Such generosity.

"Sylveon! Go long!"-Hawlucha


I also went out on a misson during the Pokemon Day 2.0 event at Target here in the States. Here's all the normal things I got there but I also got something bigger...and pretty amazing. Here's a sneak! Check out the story under the cut!

So, I was happy to get the promo card, Pikachu visor and a Pikachu beanie but the main thing I was after during this event was something not being given out....Have you guessed?

That's right! I got a hold of the Ash/Pikachu and more importantly Hawlucha standee!

So, I called multiple Targets but let me tell you...that didn't help at all. Most of the people had no idea what I was talking about. I knew I had to go to Target in person to get one. I went to all my Targets around my house, all of the people saying different things when I asked about the standee. People said that these went back to the company that make them, others said that these go in a cardboard compactor when the event is over and another employee said that they raffle these to Target employees during holiday parties. Some of them didn't care what I was talking about, or were completely confused. Some stores said they already locked it up in the back. Others said they needed it for another promotion happening soon. It was SO frustrating going through so many people and doing a run around but finally I found a person who was super nice and said I could have it. FINALLY. ;A; This standee is huge, its almost as tall as me and wider than I thought it would be. It can fold in half from the back So only Pika and Hawlucha are visable. I think I like it that way. Saves more space too. lolI couldn't use my normal white backdrop for this. There's a cardboard peg that holds it up that can be bent inside to be flat. Very excited I got this so soon. I just wish they'd give out the others so they don't get shredded or dumped. X<

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's SSS posts! I need to take photos of some of my current gets for my site. Will do an update soon.

Happy collecting!
~Tara <3

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