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Tiny sales post

Hope you're having a great weekend everyone, especially now that spring has officially started.^^ Sadly the weather feels more like autumn over here, but I'm sure it will get warmer soon! So anyways, I've weeded out some items from my collection, which some of you might like. Please feel free to take a look. :)

Sales Policies:
- I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11
- Payment only via PayPal
-  All shipped items are international, so no need to ask for the shipping fees.^^ I ship daily, but not on sundays, as german post offices are closed on sundays.
- All the plushies have their hang-tags they are detached though!(with few exceptions where they re still attached.)

- Preferably I'd refrain from dealing with people who have negative feedback :( Sorry but I don't like taking risks.
- I don't hold items longer than 24 hours unless clearly asked to do so.
- Considering the condition the plushies are in, none of em are dusty, dirty or smelly, as they are kept in display cases at all times, except when I take photos of em.
- There will be additional paypal fees for orders over 50$. (You can basically calculate em yourself with a paypal calculator, if you don't trust me.^^)
- Claims don't have priority for me, I'm going for the order people have shown their interest in for a particular item.

Link to my feedback thread: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/GSC_Fanboy/
Any feedback left, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for looking<3

Big Substitute Plushie, japanese version from 2013 MWT 30$ shipped

Jumpluff Mascot Plush MWT 15$ shipped

Milotic Headphone Cord Strap from 2011 Pokemon Time Campaign MIP 22$ shipped

Skitty Pokemon Time Phone Strap MIP 18$ shipped

Also kinda wondering, what kind of merchandise are you looking forward to now that it's the franchises' 20th anniversary? For my part I think it would be really fun if they did some plushies of the more deformed looking sprites from red/green/blue version. :D Or maybe more 1:1 Starters from all generations? Would be great as everyone has their own favorites.^^ 
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