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My recent gets and a Mew Pokedoll want =D.

I have not posted on here again in a while so thought I would post some of my new gets over the 20th anniversary period :3

Ah but first the want I suppose. I would like to get my hands on a Mew Pokedoll as the only one I have is a old bootie which I threw in a bag somewhere. I know there is a new one out on the online Pokemon Centre, but sadly they don't post to the UK.
So I was curious if anyone was selling a Mew Pokedoll. I am not really bothered which version, old / new / US /Japan but looking for the best value one ideally.

Any information on the general values of the Mew Pokedolls is appreciated ^^. But if anyone is selling and could give a rough quote of the price shipped to the UK so I can get an idea of what it would cost would be appreciated =D.

Anyway onto the gets!

So along with everyone else I was super happy to see the merch boom with the 20th anniversary, even some things reaching the UK, I was super happy, and first of all was Mew my all time fave and main collection item :3.

So naturally I had to get some Mew merch!

I got the Plush of course, I even love the bag it comes in :3. The Mew figure, which sadly is the same mold they have used on several other figures, but its got a glossy style so at least a bit different :P. and of course the Mystical Mew card pack. Sadly nothing good in the packs :(.

Then we have the other 20th anniversary stuff I have so far:

I was lucky enough to find the pikachus in my local Asda. The Celebi Mystical box I got online, sadly again no luck on packs :(.

And finally we have some other various gets, not 120th anniversary but stuff for my collections (I mainly collect Mew, Eeveelutions and foxes):

Only problem now as I go to put these on the shelves I am starting to uh run out of space, I rethink may be needed x3:

And well that's all my new things over the last couple of months or so.
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