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Shiny Suicune clean up!

Hi guys! Just wanted to share a really quick mini-restoration I did. I'm not sure how many of you saw the lot of shiny legendary dog Pokedolls that was up on Yahoo! Japan a week or two ago, but I won that lot (sorry if I was bidding against someone here! ^^) and I knew what was coming to me was a MWT Raikou, TTO Entei, and a really.. dirty Suicune.

Here is the picture the seller provided:

Unfortunately- this was incredibly accurate! She had a really weird melted rubber/glue substance on her and it really bummed me out. Some of the furs had been tugged and ruined, but I tried my best to clean it and I am very, very happy with the result! I used acetone for her fur and for the sensitive areas like her diamond, I just scraped the stuff off very slowly and carefully. An hour or so later and we have:

TADA! :'D She's much, much better! Here she is with my cherished double tag normal Suicune. I would post pictures of the whole trio but I've sold my shiny Entei and instead purchased one with his tag from eBay, so I'll wait until that one comes in to post a collection update. After obtaining these three, though.. I feel somewhat.. complete! I think I'm done with Pokedolls and honestly plush collecting in general. Maybe I'll grab a few cheap ones if they come along, but since these were my ultimate grails, I feel more than satisfied with what I've been able to obtain. (Plus let's be real, I'm running out of room!)

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!    
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