arisamon (arisamon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Trading Jirachi Anniversary Plush!

Hello so i went by Toys R Us in a last ditch effert to find celebi but then... when i looked i found jirachi!!! looks like he was put on the shelf a bit early. I was able to pick up 3 plushies at my store, so i have 2 up to trade. Since i wasnt lucky enough to get the 20th anniv. mew or celebi im looking to trade jirachi for either of those 2.... im not sure if they are all worth equal value so if jirachi is not enough im also willing to add things from my sales post which can be found here .

Heres a pic of the plush :)

Update: I found a trade for a celebi plush so now I am only looking for mew.
Tags: jirachi, plush, trading, wanted, wants
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