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Last Couple Days of Gets including Dragons, cards, and BK goods!

Hey everyone! These are my last couple days worth of gets via the mail, yesterdays Target event, and some gifts from friends!

I attended the Las Vegas Wizard World con on Friday and picked up this cool 3d printed Bulbasaur planter and a Mega Venusaur perler! I also picked up Pokken Tournament and received a box of BK goods from the Comm!


I think i'll put a cactus in this! Probably going to paint it too!


I also received my Pokémon Green Venusaur 2ds from Ebay and a cool promo Pokken poster from Target!


Yesterdays Target event was a ton of fun! I was able to trade some cards with others such as obtaining one of the Secret Rare Breakthrough Mewtwos and a Full Art Giovanni among others! The prmo Magikarp is too cool and I cannot wait to put it in with all of these guys...speaking of which...


I completed my Breakpoint pulls and Promos collection of Shiny Gyarados! I love them all and they look so cool together! Waiting for HGSS Shiny Gyarados in the mail to add to these now!

Here's a bonus display shot of 20th anniversary good and a little bit of the Saur collection as I try to figure out a perfect display for it all! These are were all my recent boxed Tomys dwell and will likely keep them here!

Thanks for checking out my post and I look forward to sharing again soon!
Tags: bulbasaur, gyarados, magikarp, mew, tcg, venusaur
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