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More collection weeding sales (with discounts!!)

Hello everyone,

Hope your first day of spring was full of warm weather and sunshine, unlike mine lol. (Yes, the snow came back to say hi!)

I'm slowly weeding out some things in my collection so that I don't have to bring back any more stuff than I need to a little less than two months from now. So I've added some more figures in my sales post and reduced some of the prices. Also, I was finally able to have my mega package shipped out from Japan, and I will have some more stuff from that package to sell off when it arrives, so keep an eye out for another sales post update from me in about a week :)

Among the new items I've added are the TRU Kyogre TOMY Titan figure and a Zekrom Banpresto DX Vinyl figure.

You can find them, and everything else I have for sale here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20858934.html

As a belated/combined St. Patrick's Day and Pokemon Day II celebration, I have decided to have a discount party!

From now until 11:59 PM Eastern time next Sunday, March 20, 2016, I will offer a 5% discount on everything that I have for sale. To redeem it, simply mention the code word LUCKY anywhere in your comment. Note that the discount applies before PayPal fees and shipping costs. Additionally, for purchases $25 and over, I will increase the discount to 10%. Finally, for purchases $50 and over, I will reduce the shipping by 30% in addition to the 10% discount. Yayayay!!

All right, I think that's all. Cheers and thanks for reading!
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