pinkuuart (pinkuuart) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Intro post!

Hey everyone! I've been lurking here on and off for years, but I've finally made my own account and joined. <3

You can call me Pink, I only really started collecting about a year ago but I have always and forever loved Pokemon. I collect other things too, but I love my Bulbasaurs the most.

Since I only just started, my collection is pretty small but I love what I have. I don't really plan on making it too much bigger (because my other collections, mainly my models, take up sooo much space) but I thought I would share since I want to look at everyone elses' collections all the time :)

all my bulbs \o/ obviously the highlight of my collection (and literally my favorite thing I've ever owned) is the huge 20" Bulbasaur. he just came in from Japan a few days ago and he is amazing. I also have a TOMY Bulbasaur, a pokedoll and keychain that I got from Nintendo World and a few figures (and a bootleg.. shhh). not pictured is my D-Arts Venusaur and my Venusaur pokedoll, because they're both up in WA since I'm about to move there. I have to ship all this stuff across the country over the next few months x_x so many collections to move..

thanks for having me, guys! I love seeing everyones posts, and now that I've done my intro I can feel more comfortable commenting haha. I look forward to even more Pokemon merch \o/
Tags: plush
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