princess_snivy (princess_snivy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Sylveon WANT!

After many years of simply admiring Sylveon from afar, tonight I decided that this pink fleshy-bowed=bunny-eared kitty was actually my second favorite eeveelution, rival to Espeon! Now, that doesn't mean I'm ready to drop all my Espeons in order to start a futile attempt of collecting this notoriously popular Pokemon, but there is one Sylveon plush in particular I've always wanted to own!

The Sylveon talky TOMY plush! I'm looking for one in NEW or very lightly touched condition! It doesn't matter if it has the box or not; actually, if I find one in box, I'd prefer it to be shipped without it if shipping would decrease that way!

If you have one, name your price and I shall consider it! :3

Thanks everyone!
Tags: sylveon, wants
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