aus_kitten (aus_kitten) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello! Introduction post! (Also, looking for Cubones!)

Hey! After a few years hiatus I am back into collecting! I have been browsing this page for a while and decided its time to continue working on my collection of Cubone flats!

A little intro, my names Taylor. Ive been big into pokemon forever and am currently playing through Red and Blue again on the Virtual Console.

I'm interested in buying Cubone flats!
Here is a link to my current collection! (Most of which I got on here a few years ago)
If you have anything neat, stickers or pogs or cards or any other Cubone (or Marowak) flats please let me know! I am working on a wants list for specific items as well and will post it up soon!

Thanks a lot!!
Tags: cubone
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