miniokami (miniokami) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long Time No See (and want!)

Hello Everyone!

It has been forever since I last posted here, long enough that I can't remember. Right off the bat, I was looking to see if anyone happened to still have extras of the Shiny Magikarp Target Promo card. My fiancee and I are looking to go to Anime Boston this weekend and forgot about the event in all the excitement. Also on that note, anyone going to Anime Boston? I am from PA and have never been there or Boston in general for that matter and would love any tips or guidance from my fellow pkmncollectors in the area. I will also be attending the Swap Meet at the con and will have Pokemon goodies with me. If you will be there feel free to reach out here and maybe we could meet up!

I would also like to add that I will be sending out my SSS package for my Secret Someone tomorrow or Wed. I am sorry for it being so late in the swap but I hope you love it!

I do also plan on getting a collection pic update soon seeing as how long its been since I had an update of any kind at all. The collection hasn't really gotten any major updates besides a new bookshelf (which I went a little crazy over!) Who knew a new bookshelf would be so exciting?

I missed being active here and I am glad to say I will be back now!
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