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Pokemon tags & SSS gets!

Hello all ! grail.jpg

Before I start with my awesome SSS gifts, I would like to ask you all something. Whenever I have new sales, I want to tag you with the Pokemon you collect. You can find the post here:
Please comment there which Pokemon you collect, so I can tag you next time when I have new sales with you Pokemon :3

Next, I am soooo happy with my SSS gifts, I almost cried!! (I screamed a lot when I opened). Wanna take a look at my gifts : D?
***Warning, heavy pictures below***

When I opened the enveloppe and I saw this, I kept my fingers crossed for anything related to Zigzagoon! I know it's kinda hard finding something new I don't own yet... I search all over the internet so many times for all my wants! But now...

A card from nasija, with a Zigzagoon drawing, omg so cute!! <3 and thanks for the sweet note as well, I was so happy with this card when I read!! :D 1000x Thanks! <3

Omg I found this inside the package!!! All Zigzagoon stuff!! Omg I couldn't be happier, and 3 of these things are on my want list!! :D I have searched so much on internet, but still you have found stuff I could not find! :D now I have the green and red amada stickers complete! This was the last one I needed!

- Was that all?

- No it wasn't! :D Keep scrolling down!

A small Zig enveloppe! *so cute!*  What could be inside? Let's open quickly!

Omg it's a small Ziggy card, made by pikabulbachu ! I already ordered a Zigzagoon and Gengar card from you, but I love it to get another one, your work is great!! And this time with a shiny girly zig! :D

Omg German kinda file??? Omg what could be inside!! (never thought this exsisted xD I only know about the sticker and bookpage of it!) And if you look closely, you see a little Zig in the middle of the beach! If I look at this, I love Hoenn even more, I wish I could live there!!! *u*

OMGGG what's this!! A postcard, official German version, with a little Zigzagoon!!! Never seen this one before, you couldn't make me happier with new stuff!! Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!!!!! :'D

Also cards from Zigzagoon!! :D These are always welcome, you can't have too much of them :3 And now I have the German versions!

Goooosh!!!!! I didn't know this one exsisted as well!! :D Look at the ziggzagoon in the back! This little purse probably isn't official, but i looove it!! <33

Yaaaayy even more!! <3 Little German bookpage, Skitty lenticular and OMGGGG kid figure card!!! This one was on my want list as well, now my collection got a big boost with all those new items!!! :D

Last but not least, I also got some pretty bookpages as well!! :D The 3 quiz pages were on my want list as well, don't know how you found all this stuff, but it's amazing, thanks so much, you made me reeaaaaally happy!! <3

Also made a picture of everything together:

This was my first Secret Swap Spring, but I loved it! Also to prepare mine for kinokokoneko (so glad you liked it all!) and of course also to receive all this great stuff!! Again, 1000x thanks to nasija, to arrange me a 100% perfect SSS this year!! <3

Thanks for looking guys! :D <3
(Small sales update btw here: )

Oh and what do you think of my new want list banner? A friend of me made it:

(By clicking the banner, you will also be transported to my want list)

Have a good day everyone! <3 grail.jpg

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