Yaminogame (gaarasyami) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reminder for tomorrow's pick up and a few more Kyoto slots Open (26th)

Hello. Just a reminder that I have a few more slots open for my March 22nd (tomorrow) pick up.

Please check out prices and items here: http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/38708.html If you do not see something you are interested in on my list please fill free to ask me about it.

This is commitment style so you will pay after I have them in hand.

Also I am going to Kyoto on Saturday and I have a few more slots open for exclusive goods. Since I am going there only for the day, I can't carry too much, but I think I can carry 2-3 more plush and a few more smaller goods!

sales permission granted by areica96
(community rules apply)

-I ship from Japan.
I will ship international!!
-Please express clear commitment to secure a slot.
-I can also combine items with items from my own personal sales http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/37398.html

-Please pay for items quickly after I send you the final quote (24 hours).

-Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
-I will ship within 3-5 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
-Prices stated do not include shipping. Please ask for a shipping quote.
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