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SSS Get and Note about 3D Tazo GB!

My SSS parcel arrived today! :D This is the first time I've participated so I was so excited to see what goodies my partner had bought me! And they definitely didn't disappoint!

My partner was puckyducky and they wrapped up everything super nicely in some awesome Shawn the Sheep paper! :D Wow so many things to unwrap! :D

First up some flats of my favourite blue Pokemon! :D I only recently decided to start collecting TCG for my main collections, so I was thrilled to get some cards to start me off! :D Articuno is so shiny! Haha and that Swablu artwork looks like the hip pop parade butt cushion with a face! XD And some beautiful artwork of Suicune too! :)

Next was an Altaria chipz! :D These have such a nice weight to them, and look at the precious cotton bird on it! :3 Perfect! :D

POKEDOLL ABSOL! I am such a massive fan of Absol's pokedoll design, so this custom patch is right up my ally! :) So cute! :D And it's big! XD Look how small kid Absol is next to it! XD

Oh wow the Burger King Articuno toy! :D I actually have one of these from when I was little, but it's grimey and falling apart, so I'm really glad to have a nice new one to put on display! :D Wow forgot what a lovely shade of blue that base was when it was new! XD Such a beautiful item! :)

Yessss some Milka chocolate! :D Love Milka so much and have never seen these before! :D They look so good (I'll have to wait until Lent is over to eat them though haha! XD)! Hopefully my Absols won't eat them all in the meantime! XD
And finally, the most awesome gift ever...

<3<3<3<3<3 :D A little custom Articuno!!!!!!! :D I love his little eyes and that long tail, and the detail on the wings so the ends look like feathers! :D He's absolutely perfect! :) So glad to have another little ice bird to go in my collection! :D I was secretly hoping that I'd get some kind of custom plush through SSS, so I'm thrilled to have gotten him! :D Thanks so much puckyducky! :D

Here's the lovely Easter card (which I had to open last!) with a cute Absol and an angry little egg-ticuno! XD Like you said I think it's very appropriate that my custom Articuno is egg shaped for an Easter gift! :)

Here's a group shot of everything together! :) I'm so thrilled to have received such amazing gifts! :D A massive thanks once again to puckyducky for putting together such a perfect package! ^-^

I'm still waiting for one more item to arrive before I send out my own SSS package, so sorry to my mystery partner for the delay! XD

And one quick note to the members who participated in my 3D tazo Group Buy...
So the tazos have arrived, but they're not in the condition I was expecting. Some of them are dirty or have paint rubs, some have cracks on their frames (not a problem I guess if you were planning to build them anyway) and the poor Raticate one is missing one of its hands! :/
I hope this is okay! I can provide photos if people are especially worried about their tazos, but I'm not too sure what the rule is for situations like this? I think constructing the figures will hide most of the paint rubs, but yeah not sure what to do about that Raticate's hand! :/ Looking at the photo now it is missing there too.
The only thing I can think of is messaging the seller, since they said these were in 'the best condition', but I've never been in a situation like this before so not too sure what to do... XD Any advice would be appreciated!  
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