shiny_vulpix (shiny_vulpix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

candy figures + looking for noibats!

Hey community! :D I have some extra candy figures up for sale!

I ship from the US! Shipping starts at about $3.20 within the US and $13 international. I ship next day in most cases. Grandfathered into sales permission! Please respond within 24 hours of receiving a shipping quote or I'll move on to the next person.

$4 - Pikachu, Wobbuffet, Quilladin
$5 - Zygarde blob, Frogadier, Greninja, Gourgeist, Zygarde, Audino
$6 - Charizard, Zygarde 10%, Goodra

Let me know if you'd like a Pokeball with the figure, and/or if you have a preference - I have at least one of each (pokeball, great, ultra, master, and quick, I think?)

I also have several kids, tomys, roller stamps, and some plush up in my storenvy shop! I can combine shipping with candy figures, and I'm open to haggling so feel free to make an offer C:

And my small bats collection! :D I'm currently looking for the Noibat tomy plush and maybe Noibat pokeball clip figure - would love to buy or trade if anyone is selling! Looking to pay about $20 shipped on the plush. Let me know if you've got one! Thanks :D
Tags: sales
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