Federico Canale (ffc94) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Federico Canale

Azelf merch and Zukan Zenkoku 3 GB reminder!

Hi everyone!

Today I want to ask you a few queries about a new collection I'd thought to start: Azelf! I have some perplexities, though, starting with what merch has been officially released.

[New collection: Azelf!]You may remember that I am a zukan collector - and will be until I own all the lines I like (which are pretty much all existing zukans :P) -, but am now thinking about opening up to new collecting adventures! After all, zukan lines have been (likely?) discontinued and won't last forever. :( That's why I came up with the idea of collecting one of my favourite pokémon: Azelf!

At first I thought about starting seriously collecting kaiyodo figures, as I am very fond of them, but I am actually really bugged by the way they scale (yeah, that's all zukans' fault - they spoiled me :D): I don't think it would look so nice to display a venusaur next to a bulbasaur that is just as big, even though taken alone they look splendid. So I think that the kaiyodo will be just a "side collection" with the ones I really like best (which are quite a few in any case).

Then I thought about plushes or TCG or pins... but I'm really not a fan of any of them. I like random cards and random plushes - but to me really no one can compare to the beauty of well made figures!

Eventually, I realized that focusing on one pokemon would be fun! But who is my favourite pokémon? That I can't answer unfortunately - I have just too many favourites for too many different reasons. I believed it was impossible to pickup just one or a few...and even then, most of my favourites (like Mewtwo, Articuno, Latias or Suicune) are just too expensive for me to keep up! I was looking at something less demanding to start with...

But then, looking for the Sinnoh trio zukans (which, by the way, I am still searching!) I had the epiphany: isn't Azelf just so amazing? Yeah, I think it definitely is.

Creepy but super cute at the same time. Clever and powerful. I was just in love with this guy back in the day, but since it has never gained its fair share of attention I happened to "forget" about it too soon after stopping playing DPP...but now my love for them has revived and I would LOVE to collect them!

What are your opinions on Azelf merch-wise, though? I have been surfing the net lately to see what's there but it just doesn't look too fun to collect...there seems to be like three plushes (pokédoll, jakks, canvas - of which I only really fancy the canvas one), a few figures (Tomy MC, zukan, kid, block figure and jakks) and a metal charm?! And then what, just flats? Is there anyone collecting any of the trio who could give me more insights on them?

On a side note and back to my main focus, just a quick reminder of the GB of the Zukan Zenkoku Collection 3 set! There's just a few missing (among which the rare Kingler and Cloyster sets!)

Thank you all for reading or just scrolling by :P have an awesome one! :)
Tags: azelf, cloyster, drowzee, electabuzz, elekid, hypno, kingler, krabby, shellder, zukan
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