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I'm backkkk! Some sales, Collection Update.

Hello all! My last post here was NOVEMBER 2011. Holy cow, I haven't even really done any collecting since. We moved 2 times in the last few years and had EVERYTHING that was part of my collection boxed up. But now that we finally bought our house, they are FREEEEEE.

My name is Ashley, 26 years old. Been a fan since the original pokemon blue. Never stopped since!! Dragonite is my main, but I'm also into a few other dudes.

So first things first, here is a collection update!

I had to downsize A LOT. I have an agreement with my boy that I will contain my collections to one room. One wall is all comic book merchandise, one wall is statues, one wall is pretty much video game stuff, and in the corner, I have Pokemon corner.




Dwebbles and Ninetales (I will expand these one day.)

More Snakes


Other ones I need to expand




Now some Sales!

-I was granted sales permission on 10/15/11 by dakajojo and my new feedback can be found here and older feedback here.
-Shipping will be from the US (Illinois), but I will ship worldwide. Most things will be shipped from a bubblemailer but ask me if you'd like another method! I use USPS. Small town, nowhere else to go.
-Please ask for a quote before you offer if you are concerned about shipping fees.
-HAGGLING AND TRADES ACCEPTED.</b> My wants can be found here. (Very outdated though. I will entertain offers for things not on the list though!)
-If you feel like my prices are too high, go ahead and offer! I HAVEN'T EVEN LOOKED AT ANYTHING POKEMON RELATED FOR YEARS. I'm out of the loop. I will not be offended if you tell me my prices are too high.
- All sales are only accepted thru PAYPAL. Please use your name and address in the memo field!
- I also have some MLP stuff here.
-Prices do not include shipping!


Fuzzy Banpresto UFO Phanpy (tush only) - $18
Bootleg? Banpresto Dragonite - $8

Banpresto? Wobbufet, Tush tag only - $20
Jakks Pachirisu Plush (All Tags) - $25
Jacks Pichu Plush (All Tags, Hang bent) - $20

Jakks Scraggy (All tags, Bent Hang) - $10
Jakks Drilbur (All Tags) - $10
Jackks Sandile (All Tags) - $10

Pikachu Play by Play (Ripped Tush tag, fabric pulling) - $3
10" Toy Factory Pikachu (All tags, bulled threads in hands) -$8

Jakks Piplup (Worn, no tags) - $3
Jakks Togepie (All tags, bent hang) - $12
Mini Pikachu plush (no tags) - $1
Yanma Jakks ( tush tag only) - $13

Beanie Meowth Plush (No tags) - $3


Jakks Zorua- $6
Jakks Pikachu (Missing tail) - Free with $5 Purchase, or $1
Jakks Sandile - $5

Mcdonalds Zekrom - $3
Mcdonalds Zoroark- $3
Mcdonalds Zorua - $3
Mcdonalds Pikachu (Needs batteries) - $1

Drilbur Kid - $3
Mawile Kid - $5
Wobbuffet Kid - $5
Phanpy Kid - $3
Axew Attack Kid - $5

Jakks Munna (MIP) - $3
Tomy Walgreens Exclusive Rotom vs Thundurus - $13

Jakks Fossil Regeneration Playset with Cranidos (NIB, Dinged corners on box) - $20

Arbok Pencil Topper - $3
Bootleg Vaporeon - $1
Swinub Jakks Keychain - $6
Seviper kid - $5
Dragonite Kid - $3
Chikorita, Croconaw roller things - $1


So these were never wide-released and went straight to the bargain stores, to my knowledge. Victini is the same as the one that came with Ash in a multipack, but Oshawott IS ANGRY otter, and I don't believe that he was available elsewere. Someone correct me if I am wrong! Both are MIP but have a stupid price sticker on them. Offers start at $5!

Thanks for looking everyone!! Hoping to see some familiar faces still around.
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