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Pick up: Kyushu/ Hiroshima/ Shikoku Gotochi items - Closed

Hi all! I will be visitng Japan again for Easter. I will be going to Kyushu/ Shikoku etc. I will be visiting the pokemon center in Hiroshima and Fukuoka. so I am hoping to offer pick up for the gotochi items there :)


Info and Rules:
- Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11, and this overseas pick up has been approved by areica96. Please check my sales rules before ordering.
- Price in USD and does not include shipping and fees, shipping is listed below and fees will be calculated using pp online calculator.
- I ship from Hong Kong, please note that I am a slow shipper and I only ship once every 1-2 weeks.
- For difference about different shipping methods, please check under my sales rules
- Please note that Gotochi items stock tend to be somewhat unstable due to the large variety. If some of the items are out of stock, you are still responsible for the rest of your orders. If you only want Item A if Item B is available, please state that clearly in your post!
- Signing up is a commitment to buying. Please note that I may not have access to LJ after 29th, so it is not possible to change orders for any reason as I might not be able to check your comments.

Shipping/ Packaging:
These are estimate price for shipping in bubble mailers. Since each item weight differently, unforunately I cannot give you the exact total. I will only ship via registered mail/ e-Express for orders over 5 items.
- 1-2 items: $2.3/ Airmail, $4.5/ Registered Airmail, $4/ e-Express(US)
- 3-4 items: $3.5/ Airmail, $5.7/ Registered Airmail, $4.8/ e-Express(US)
- 5-6 items: $6.8/ Registered Airmail, $5.4 / e-Express(US)

Payment Due: Wed, 13th April
Please make sure you pay within 48 hours after I give you your total. If you fail to pay on time, I will leave negative feedback. Should that be a problem with you and you wanted to pay earlier/ later, please talk to me first before placing your order.

**Please do not request any general Pokemon Center items pick up, there are already plenty of people doing those. However, if you want items that are limited to Fukuoka/ Hirohima PC only, let me know the information and I am happy to help.

Items Available:

Kyushu/ Hiroshima

Okinawa Gotochi - Same price and line up as above

Below are available as Metal strap/ key holder/ figure straps.

Slots: I will take around 10 slots total, you can request as many items as you like for your order. I may adjust the number of slots depending on the size of requests.

1. deranged_girl - Tokushima dancing pikachu figure strap
2. bamwowza - Kyushu map chespin metal key holder, Ehime Citrus pikachu metal key holder
3. ibburger - Fukuoka/strawberry + Okinawa/shisa eevee phone jacks
4. evilashi -
Earphone jack: Hiroshima/Manju Pikachu, Onsen/salt bath Pikachu, Okinawa/Ryusou Pikachu, Okinawa/goya Oshawott
Metal Key Holder: Fukuoka/Mentaiko Rice Pikachu, Kagoshima/Sakurajima Pikachu, Ehime/Citrus Pikachu
5. hazel_song - Ehime/ Citrus Pikachu metal strap

That's all for now. Thank you so much again :D
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