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SSS and Grail Get!

I got my SSS yesterday!

Awww look at all the cute (and yummy) gifts! <33 I already started on the gummies, and they're sooo good. I took a pack to school and had to fight off all my friends for them XD The Umbreon plush is the floppiest and most adorable thing, and the Furret strap will probably go on my cellphone :D My sister is painting him shiny for me first though ^_^
Thanks so much 0fabliau <3

I also received a long awaited grail last week...

There's a bit of a story to this plush here! My sister had a friend in 5th grade, who had this plush. Both of us fell in love with it and it became our shared grail! Since she's older she was able to get Mew a few years ago from ebay, but being 12 with no job I don't really have 150 to drop like she does XD I gave up for a while since the only time I have so much money is my birthday. Then a few months ago, someone was selling this exact plush for around 30 dollars on facebook! My sister commented, but there was one person ahead of us who got it :( I was super upset of course, until my sister pointed out that the person who bought it was reselling Mew a few weeks ago! And I just got my birthday money, so I was able to pay for him myself! This time she commented first, and we got Mew for 50 :D Now after waiting half my life (literally xD) I have my Mew! I'm never letting him go haha <3
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