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[SSS 2016] A wild SSS box appeared!!!

So, this is really late [and I haven't been posting at all lately], but... it's been a couple of weeks since I received my Spring Secret Swap gift [I got it on March 3rd, but I'd been SWAMPED with RL things and mostly work] and now I finally have time to show off what I found inside!

It was such a nice late Winter day out, so I couldn't help but to open my gift outside!

I'm actually surprised that I got it so quickly! I really didn't expect it to be waiting at my porch steps for me! [It makes me feel so bad for sending mine out so close to the deadline... Your special gift is almost done, Swap-giftee!]

Also, I just couldn't wait - I opened the box before grabbing my camera to take pics... XD

Wow, look at how full this box is! I even see a Pikachu inside there to welcome me...!

But first things first, there's a note to read!

Hey, my SSS gifter was katielegends! I'm really glad I was so fun to seek gifts out for this year! Let's just say I was eager to see what goodies awaited!

Oh, and what a cute sketch of my favorite trio of water pixies! I love how happy they are - it's adorbs!

Did someone say "chocolate"? How sweet!
[I have yet to taste the dark chocolate bar yet but the word "Mint" caught my attention! Also, Junior Mints and Lindt Truffles! They were very delicious!]

Running 'Chu Plushie!
[It's so cute! I was actually thinking about ordering one of these once I got the nerve to buy from the US PokeCen site... Did you read my mind? XDD]

And those gifts were just the beginning! Look at what's left to reveal...!

The envelopes were smallest and the BreakPoint pack was obviously a BreakPoint pack, so they were left for last.

Let's start with... the white package!

** POOF **

Clear Lake Trio kids! I think I may have all of the Kids for the Lake Trio now [unless there's clears of the Attack Kids...] - Thank you so much!

What about the colorful Pokemon Center bag? It's something bigger than the previous package...

** POOF **

Whoa... a MWT Mesprit Canvas plush! I honestly never thought I'd own one, but it's here and it's real! So soft and so cute! I love it! Now I have one to display and one to travel with me [travel buddy lacks the hang tag]!

Okay, time for the envelopes - I'm not going to forget about you, trust me!

Aww, such cute artwork! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, if only because I don't want to ruin them! The Tepig and Swablu one kills me - it is just saccharine incarnate. [If Japan ever has a Tepig/Swablu line of merch, my wallet will be dead too. I'd want it all. XD] I like all of my faves here, even the shiny Lake Trio!

Lake Trio Pan stickers! [Sorry for it being upside-down! Photobucket is being a pain at the moment...!]
I have a couple of these already, so I might use them on my 3DS! At least I can add the others to my album and complete the set!

Last but not least, the BreakPoint pack! I got some decently-good cards, so I'm not complaining at all! The art in this set is really nice, so a double or two of anything is okay in my book!

Thank you so much, katielegends! I really enjoyed the adorable and cute gifts [and the chocolate]! Everything was so thoughtful and surprising, so it made my day [or I should say, MONTH] big time!

Thanks for reading! I hope to make a big ol' gets post of the past few months, so look for that real soon! I also plan on making a sales post for some TCG cards and other goodies!

[Also, to my SSS giftee: It's almost ready to send out! Hopefully you'll get a gift as early as the next week! I know you'll love it! <3]

- Dana/Juuchan
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