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Awesome Tins GA - Payment 1

Payment 1 is now due for the Awesome Tins GA! :D We won this lot for such a great price, so discounts all around! :D
This post concerns hokeypokeyboop stalkingsuicune ayumi_ganon tallie_chan emolga riolu guccishiny mightyena_mad_7 basketbears

You can find the spreadsheet by clicking on the link:

Payment 1 can be found in the bright blue colum. Please send it to basketbears(at)gmail(dot)com and please include 'Tins GA Payment 1', your username, and the items you won in the memo. Please comment once payment has been sent and let us know where you are located! :) I've filled in most of your locations already, but there's a few I'm unsure of! ^-^

Also we have two extra tins that are in need of a home! They are the Pikachu Pokepark tin (the one sitting on top of Mew and Jirachi) and one of the pokeball tins at the front that have Munchlax, Plusle, Minun, Pikachu and Skitty on them. Both are available for their starting price of $5, which will be added to Payment 2. They will be available to GA participants only for the first 24 hours. Let us know in your comment if you want to claim any! :) All extras claimed! ^-^

Please send payment within 24 hours! And a massive thanks to everyone for making this GA so successful! ^-^
Tags: group auction, pikachu
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