Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I hit the jackpot yesterday/ trade?

Hey guys! I posted this originally on mobile but it wasn't showing up on my computer so I deleted the post and am re-posting on my laptop because I'm not sure if it was showing or not. Hope that isn't a problem! Anyway I got lucky the other day and found these three! I'm keeping one for myself and am willing to trade the other for either mew or jirachi! I might want to wait and see if I can snag a jirachi of my own first before comitting to trade, but mew would be highly considered. The other I will be selling eventually but not quite yet. Anyways I hope to get a sales post up later tonight and I'll edit this post with a link to it once I get that done (if I finish tonight). That's all from me for now! Thanks!
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