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Taobao middleman (budybuy) question and pkmn playdate/collection/wants

Hey guys!! It really has been forever since I posted! After joining twitter and getting to know such wonderful collectors (as well as one special friend irl♡), my aim was to start posting more frequently and taking more part in the community as well! However my courses in Uni this semester has been kicking my butt ever since I started my masters (which btw made me realize I'm probably not the research type and have decided to finally start my Japanese studies at Uni yay~ ^^)

Back to the subject! I'm looking to order with bubybuy from Taobao and realized they don't do paypal transactions? Have any of you tried Budybuy to purchase from Taobao? I know they offer moneygram but it's a little complicated for me right now. Or do you know of a TaoBao middle man that do offer paypal as payment option? :3 Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I also wanted to include a few pics from when the wonderful ridi and I had a playdate this past weekend~! ^^ It was a beautiful day filled with sunshine, food, pokemon and animals! Like a struggling bumblebee that we tried to save, a hungry kitten and my own doge, so a total of 3 live species as well as virtual animal friends in animal crossing new leaf :) I'm just so blessed to have such an amazing real life collector friend living in the same city as me~

ridi's beloved Electrode came with her to greet various foxes as well as these hedgehogs and a few penguins! All the pics belong to ridi, thanks for taking these as a memory

And in case you want to check out my collection more:

An update of sorts that I made earlier this winter can be found here! It's a very wordy thing so just look at the pics if you want ^^ There's pretty dark as natural lightning hardly exists in Norway during winter, but feel free to look anyway!

Click above or on the pic to go~

I'm always looking for my top priority Sylveon promo items! :3 I'm only missing these ones now! The dice bag is a huge grail of mine and I'm willing to offer between $100-200 right now. Pretty crazy but I just need it in my life ♡

Sylveon and friends promo items needed:
- Dice bag
- Comb
- pencil packs
- mug
- unopened cookie bag (probably not going to happen also it's gross but it's sealed so it's ok right? :3 haha)

I'm after loads of eevee stuff, eeveelu movie goods especially in addition to these~

Please take a look at my full wants list over at my journal HERE if you have eeveelu goods for sale or anything else you think I might be interested in ^^

I'm sorry about the long post but the few times I do post I want/need to include so much :3

Thank you so much for looking! I hope you're all having a wonderful day/evening/night! ^__^ ♡♡♡

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