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The Biggest Pokémon card in the world + Goomy and Shopper bags

Hi everyone o/
So let's start with a World Record: the Biggest Pokémon mosaic Card.
Indeed, this Monday took place a secret Pokémon event in Paris. Few people were invited, half were journalists and communities representatives while the other half were fans who had won their place. And guess what ? I am one of them :)
I was so happy to participate to this event (because none had been organised in France for a while) but nothing was told about the content. So that's what I discovered when I arrived...

Pikachu taking the pose...
... in front of the biggest Pikachu card in the world :O

Creatures representatives were there with the artist Quentin Devine between them.

The card is about 10m high and 7m wide, and required about 13,000 Pokémon TCG cards!

It was so great to have a Pikachu like the many I see on Twitter everyday. I felt like a Japanese x)

The event was rather short but very nice! And big surprise, we were offered a beautiful bag...

... with a Pikachu plush and two BREAKthrough boosters :3 (actually, I got two more because there were few people at the end ^^)

And icing on the cake, I got luck getting Meloetta Holo, Gengar Reverse, Glalie EX and Houndoom EX FA :3 (I didn't take picture but you can see the opening video on my youtube channel o/)

I hope we'll get more events like this in the future :)

And now the gets
Maybe you remember that I had shared with you my excitement for the Lifesize Goomy plush re-release. Well, I've received it and it is awesome <3

I'm so happy! And I wasn't expecting it to be so squishy :O Actually, the antennae are quite dense but the rest of the body is as squishy as the San-ei Boeki cushions, amazing! I love it <3

Finally I received a lot of shopper bags (I'm selling some on my Facebook page)
I took individual pictures today so I think they'll be on my website soon o/

I really love that kind of item and I've just discovered that from late 2007 to early 2011 there was one bag per month. So I need to complete this collection ^^

Thank you for reading :3

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