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TCG Offer!

Hi guys! So I don't know if this will get any interest, but I felt like it was worth asking.

I would love to sell some TCG in bulk, because I'm at the end of my rope with photographing individual cards xD Would anyone be interested in buying 100 cards for maybe 30 shipped, OBO? They would include cards from recent packs going all the way back to the original ones. I can guarantee no repeats, a good chunk of uncommons, some holo/reverse holo's, and a few rares. All cards would range from good to mint condition. And I can throw in a free tin!

Let me know if you're interested!

I'm also still selling merch here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20948496.html

And I don't have current pics (I can post some if you'd like to see), but I do have a Aqua/Magma size S tee for sale- 15 shipped each within the US

On a side note, I watercolored an Azurill earlier c: I'm working on a Marill right now too, and will make Azumarill eventually.

Lastly, a link to my store! https://www.etsy.com/shop/PokePerlerPalace?ref=hdr_shop_menu
If someone commissions a Latias or Latios I'll give a discounted price- I really want to add them to my inventory.

Thanks c:
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