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Sticky Situation - Doing some plush cleaning!

Hello everyone, how have your days been? Personally, mine has been great, for reasons why below!

Recently, I bought a plush off of Ebay for dirt cheap! It's an Azelf Banpresto! He was in near perfect condition, he even had the tag (I think he might be bootleg though, I've never seen an Azelf Banpresto with Uxie on the tag, haha)! So what was the problem? Well, this...

Yeah, uh, ew, the tags all stickered-up (Don't worry, I bought the plush with full knowledge of this, haha). I was going to go ahead and try to remove it, so I thought, "why not share my experience with everyone?". Most people probably won't care, haha, but I think it might help people if they ever find themselves in a sticky situation like this!


This nifty little product is called Un Du. Believe me when I say I searched everywhere for this crud, I learnt about it online and decided to try to find it. It took me through a lot of craft stores, haha, but I finally found some at a store called Michaels here in Canada in their scrapbooking section - they only had two bottles left! I bought it right away.

I heard there were other products you could use too, like something called Goo-Gone, or just plain old rubbing alcohol, but Un Du seemed like the safest option with the most promising results.

All it said on the back was to "Squeeze several drops and immediately begin removing the sticker". This was super vague, but I thought I might aswell go with it, what did I have to lose?


So, here was my setup. I had just lain plain old paper towel on the desk, with the tag on the side.

Well, time to start Un-Stickifying!

This definitely felt super weird at first. The tag and crud were already soaked in whatever chemical was in the bottle, and I had my doubts.

But after a bit of scraping.... Oh gosh... Is it actually working!?

It seems so! It was super easy to remove all the crud off of the tag, look at all of the sticker and residue left! The tag also COMPLETELY dried off in about thirty seconds, with no sort of grease left behind. Amazing!

Alrighty... Time to put the tag in a few cheap plastic card covers I found at the dollar store...


The grand reveal! The tag is super clean now, no sign of residue or sticker anywhere! I'm surprised how well this worked, I'm definitely impressed with the final product!

Thanks for reading!

[Group shot!]

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