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Ghostly SSS!

Today a large box arrived at my door. I have been awaiting this day! (O++O)

Frederick the Litwick came out to investigate. To give you an idea of how big this box was, Frederick is the 11" DX Banpresto "I Love Gothic" Litwick plush, not the smaller 6" one!

I was greeted by adorable custom drawings. Frederick loves them, too! I think my favorite sketch is of the Lampent losing his hat. XD I've never thought of that situation before. It's funny and super cute!

And also stationery supplies!

I suspected I knew what this was even before taking off all the bubble wrap, and--behold!--here it is! I've wanted this tin since I first saw a picture of it. It features Litwick on one side, but it also features some of my other favorites like Goomy and Charmander. And inside the tin was a beautiful Team Magma logo pendant! I'm definitely planning on wearing it. ^_^

I've made a side collection of costumed Pikachu, especially the mascot keychain versions. This Mega Lucario Pikachu will fit right in! And I really appreciate it when gifters include an item that connects to their own collection/interests in some way! I think that getting to know other collectors a little better is all part of the fun of the Spring Secret Swap!

But wait...there's still a bunch of tissue paper on the bottom of the box. This SSS gift has already been outstanding! What else could there possibly be?

Gaze upon this glorious creature! This custom Shiny Chandelure is too incredible for words! (O++O)'s a picture of everything together:

Frederick is distracted by the wrapping. Thank you for wrapping everything so well. All the items arrived in perfect condition!

Special Deliverychu was a gift from sleepypikachu during last year's secret swap. Deliverychu has already made good friends with Mega Lucariochu and is introducing him to the other mascot Pikas. They are all delighted to have a new family member. ^_^

Shiny Chandelure (who still needs a name) has been welcomed into the collection by Nicodemus, a lifesize Lampent I made. Another reason I love Shiny Chandelure is because he's crocheted instead of sewn. I can sew OK, but I have yet to learn how to crochet or knit!

As hinted by the picture above the cut, this year my secret swap partner was none other than riolu! Thank you so, so much!I love all the items, and the Shiny Chandelure is a highlight in my main collection. ^_^

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