noivem (noivem) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Showing off some of my collection!

I've loved pokemon since I was a kid, I recently decided to start collecting. I put it off for a while until now.

Smaller figures. D-arts venusaur off to the left

Some plushies, I also have a large charizard, large oshawatt, kyogre, and zoroark

Another angle of the plushies

I didn't get pictures of everything.
I have a ton of other stuff such as bedsheets, games, many cards, books, etc.
Including a custom crochet noivern plush -w-

I'm a huge fan of larger figures (5"-6"+) and I'm in search of a soft vinyl white kyurem figure. As well as the soft vinyl lugia. :>

Tags: collection
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