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Flat Auctions and in need of US middleman!

I've finally gotten around to sorting out my auctions! :) I have two lots I plan to do, one for flat items, and one for non-flats. Since I'm still waiting for some stuff for the non-flats, I'll just do this one first! :)

- Sales permission granted on August 7, 2015 by areica96
- All PKMNCollectors Community rules apply
- My feedback can be found here
I will not sell to non-members or members who have been banned, and have the right to refuse any sales.
I live in a pet and smoke free home. HOWEVER, some of my items have come from previous owners, so please take this into account.
More pictures can be provided when asked. If you are particularly concerned about an item’s condition and feel I may not have stated something clearly, please ask.

I accept Paypal only.
Prices are in USD.
Prices will not include Paypal fees, cost of postage materials, or shipping costs.
To keep costs down, I may re-use postage materials.
Once you are committed, payment is due within 24 hours or else the item will be put back up for sale.
I accept haggling if multiple items are being purchased, and trades. My wants list can be found here. Please don’t be offended if I decline your offer!

I ship from UK and will ship internationally, but this will likely take longer so please be patient and understanding! :)
I will ship item after payment is cleared.
I ship with Royal Mail. Items will be shipped via second class or standard international. If you want any upgrades you must let me know!
You must tell me if you want insurance added.
Most items will be shipped in a box or a bubblemailer.
Once I ship the item it is no longer my responsibility. I will provide proof of shipment (receipts) in case your item gets lost.
I try to ship at least once a week (although this is not always possible). I will let you know once your item is shipped, or if I experience any delays.

So without further ado, here are the items! :)

Hanafuda coasters (not for sale in stores) - each starts at $7

European kraks - each starts at $3 (will need to check if these can actually be shipped as flats!)

Mew movie postcard starts at $5
Rayquaza game card starts at $5
(this card is from the AG version of the Pokemon rollers game. It was one of the cards that sits on top of the plastic stand and flies off if the roller is on target. Because of this, there is a tiny bit of puckering on one bottom corner of the card. See photo below)

raymence guccishiny you guys wanted me to tag you for this auction so here you go! :)

AG era Pokemon glider - starts at $15
(Was only taken out the packaging for photo. Never been used or assembled. More pieces in packet but these are the only bits that have Pokemon on them.)
moltres93 here is the plane with Moltres on! :)

AG AR stickers. 4 on the left are holo and start at $5 each. Poochyena is not holo and starts at $3.

Jirachi Wishmaker Movie pencil board MIP - starts at $15
(Absol kid for size reference. It is sparkly and transparent. Below photo is of the back when held up to light)

As soon as the thread is up, you may bid! :)
The auctions will end in just over 3 days. Here is a countdown timer: here

Anything from my auctions can be combined with stuff from my sales post, which I've just updated! Click on the link below to go to it! :)

Also I am in desperate need of a US middleman! has just released a legendary birds drinks bottle, and I need it in my collection! Here is a link to it:
It is 0.7 ounces so a quote for postage to UK would also be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks! ^-^
Tags: absol, auction, blaziken, butterfree, charizard, charmander, charmeleon, combusken, cubone, entei, exeggcute, farfetch'd, flareon, jirachi, latias, mew, moltres, oddish, pidgeot, poochyena, psyduck, raikou, rayquaza, rhyhorn, sceptile, suicune, vileplume
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