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Fresh meat blastin' thru!

Hello there, newbie here, and here's my intro post! Hopefully I don't mess anything up. I rarely use LJ.

I’ve been doing an on-and-off lurking of this community for… two years, I think? It was to save my wallet, but that ship has long sailed after I learned the existence of the wondrous Y!J, so here I am!

A quickie about me : I’m a she, I’m still in college, I don't live in either US, Europe, or Australia (read: International Shipping *sob*), I can't find any retailers that sell legit Pokemerch, I’m horribly jealous of the shiny stuff that US gets for 20th, and I love Generation 5. As in, almost to the point of obsession. I love the Pokemon, the region’s design, the storyline, the soundtrack, the characters…though I have to say that I don’t really care much for N. *ducks for protection* Don’t hate the guy, just hate the spotlight he’s getting that is shadowing the others.

I'm also kinda picky with what I collect
I have limited space to show them off. Hell, I only began collecting seriously only after me and my mom cleaned up the wardrobe, in which I finally got two-three shelves empty for myself.
Some of my favorite merchs are : the Type Focus line, the Waza Museum line, minky Pokecen plushes, Pokedolls, and flats with illustrations.

Enough about me — no wait, the next is still about me, since its my collection and all. Sorry if the lightning's a little weird. First up, my main collection! It's kinda small though.

Yeah, my main collection is Oshawott, who has recently dethroned Piplup from my most favorite. I guess it wins out because it has this tiny fangs and also this little cute scallop scalchop thats also a sword. And its evolved form is dual wielding — how cool is that!?

Oh, please nevermind that wild Snivy in the corner. He’s just waiting for his Tepig petit buddy (which I have yet to find).

Next up, my lil’ collection of flats! Here's my current flats display with the TCG artbook displaying one of my favorites illustration in the book!

I still have some more flats, but I keep em in a box because of the aforementioned space issues.  I ‘redecorate’ this space whenever I feel like it. Hey, on the bright side, I get to go through all of those beautiful stuffs whenever I went redecorating.

I love visual arts. My first few overseas purchase were the Postcard set and the TCG artbook, and I LOVE it. I'm thinking to buy extras of 'em so I can mutilate it however I want (as in scrapbooky-mutilate kind of thing) and still have one in mint condition.

So, my want list : flats.

Specifically, flats that came out during the Gen5 days. Postcards, card sleeves, sticker sheet, metal charms, and the likes is my highest want. Small figure straps are also cool. Not so hot on page books but I’ll definitely consider it. I also would very much like to have more Gen5 Pokemon TCG! I’ll take even commoncards! Even better if I can buy them from one seller! (International shipping *sob*)

For the non-flat game…

  • Type Focus strap for Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig, but I want them sealed/mint still with the card/carton thing with illustration on it. Sorry, I don’t know what to call it >.<

  • Bonus TCG figures of Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig, and Reshiram.

  • Other promotional items that were released during Gen5.

I'm also up with the general goodies such as plushes, but they're really on low priority because, once again, international shipping. My favorites are the trio Unova starter with high emphasis on Oshawott(and its family), Reshiram, Pidgey, Aerodactyl, Torchic, Starly line, Shinx line, Skiddo line, Pikachu, and Eevee (but like hell I'm going to collect the last two -- I'd go broke in a heartbeat, no offense to their collectors).

I actually have a lot of question about how things works around collecting but I’m afraid this introduction post has gotten a little… rambly. I’ll save it for another time. I look forward to meeting fellow collectors and to further add to my collection!

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