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SSS Gets! :D

HI all! Sorry I haven't been very active lately. I spent 10 days in Tokyo last month, and I've been sort of catching up every since. (I literally just got our laundry finished this week. ._.;) But I received my SSS gift in the mail yesterday and I just had to post about it~! First off, let me give a hearty THANK YOU SO MUCH to my SSS gifter, silverinfinity!!

I saw a package from the UK in my mailbox, and I knew right away it must be my SSS gift. :D I opened it up and I saw...


In a wonderful turn of events, Silverinfinity got me the one item on my wishlist I'd been wanting more than any of the others: the Walky Starter Cyndaquil mascot! <3 <3 <3 She also got me some darling secret base charms, a cute little washcloth, and fruity candies AND a Reeses Heart. Which was delicous, om nom nom.

Close-up of the little emotion charms! :D

Gaaaah, he's precious! <3 <3

He went right on my purse, actually, with my astume neko plushie that I won out of a UFO catcher in Japan. :D You can see Cyndaquil is feeling pretty <3 about the whole thing.

Close-up of the little design on the cloth! :D It's the petits, which is also a darling little line featuring Cyndaquil. :) I already had the secret base charms, but since I display all my charms on my bulletin board I could use these new ones! So I've already put Cyndaquil on my keys, and am finding places for the others too. ^__^

Again, thank you SO MUCH for all of my gifts. ;__; You were too sweet, especially having to ship to the states from the UK! (I know those shipping rates are awful. DX) Thank you so much, silverinfinity! <3

I'll post more another time, but for now, take care everyone! <3

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