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Hi all! I have updated my sales post with some new items, including several Tomy figures, the recalled Kyogre Tomy plush, and more! So take a look it, or something.

🔥Sale Rules🔥
- Granted sales permission by lineaalba in 2009
- My Feedback
- Payment is via PayPal
- All prices are in USD
- Prices do not include fees or shipping
- I will hold up to 24 hours for a committed buyer
- No PM sales
- I am willing to haggle

🔥Shipping Info🔥
- I ship from the US worldwide
- Excluding things shipped in envelopes, everything will be shipped with tracking! This includes overseas packages
- I am not responsible for any packages once they leave my hands, proof of shipment will be provided if necessary

🔥Shipping prices🔥
- US shipping starts at $2.75
- Flats start at $.75
- Shipping to Canda starts at $9.75
- Shipping overseas starts at $13.75 (do not ask for a quote if this is too much for you)
Original Jolteon minky Japanese Pokedolls (tag has minor wear and a few small creases) - $42
Original Flareon minky Japanese Pokedolls (tag has minor wear and a few small creases) - $42

Recalled Kyogre Tomy plush - $75
Mudkip Canvas plush (tag is detached) - $24

Tomy figures, Super size:
M Blastiose, M Sceptile, M Swampert - $8 each

M Ampharos, M Metagross, M Lucario - $8 each

Hyper size:
Zygarde 50%, Primal Kyogre - $9 each

Regular size:
Zygarde Core, Lavitar, Pupitar, Mudkip, Luxray - $6 each

Latias, Metagross, Salamence, Klefki - $6 each

Meowth, Froakie, Chespin - $4 each

Various legendary Tomy figures - $7 each

Regi Tomy figures - $6 each or $20 for all four

Lake trio Tomy figures - $7 each or $17 for all three
Banpresto plushies:
Samurott - $15
Terrakion MPC - $5
Darumaka (no tag) - $4
Aipom (tag is damaged) - $24

2009 Blastoise line charm set - $17
Charizard charm line - $12

Ho-Oh - $11
Kyogre, Rayquaza - $6 each

Inkay charm line - $6
2009 Pinsir charm - $8

Lose charms - $3 each
SOLD: Mudkip, Swampert, Sliggoo

Stickers - $.75 each

Stickers - $.25 each
Sold: Pidgeotto
Sticker - $.25 each

2010 Pikachu opened clear file (back) - $12
Dragon type clear file (back) - $11

Pokemon gallery sealed clear files - $12 each
SOLD: Latias, Latios

Notebooks: (backs)
Who's That Pokemon notebook (inside) - $13
Dragon type notebook (inside) - $17
Charizard notebook (includes sticker sheet, inside) - $17

Creation trio notebook (inside) - $10

Yokohoma Pokemon Center notebook (back, inside, has small crease at the top) - $9

Unused Pokewalker (no batteries) - $24
Get Collection figures - $6 each
Sold: Zygarde Core, Eevee, Frogadier

Zekrom, Samurott Bandai motions diorama figures - $11 each
Sealed Pepsi figures - $3 each

Keychains - $3 each
SOLD: Cyndaquill, large Charmander

Random figures - $2 each
Sold: Articuno, Moltres pencil topper, Skitty kid

Retsuden stamps - $2 each
SOLD: Mega Scizor

Mega Altaria mega stone - $5

Random lot of stuff - $2 each
SOLD: Mega Scizor can badge, Mega Scizor pencil topper, Reshiram stamp

Random lot of stuff #2 - $4 each
SOLD: Swords of Justice passcase

Random lot of flats - $2 each

Topps foil cards - $2 each

Sealed soy flavored Pikachu ramen - $5

Red VS Green card sleeves - $1 each (26 in stock)

B&W handkercheif - $9
Pokemon the 3rd Movie Pichu bros Japanese popup book (has slight signs of use) - $16
Size: approx. 11x10 inches
Inside book: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Japanese Samurott line shirt - $18
The shirt has been never been worn. Size: 140 kids

FREEBIES! One free with any order on request!
GONE: Magnemite, Jirachi, Pikachu

I also have a "other sales" post up! It several Digimon figures and amiibo. Click the banner or this link to go there.
Tags: ampharos, flareon, jolteon, klefki, kyogre, larvitar, lucario, luxray, metagross, pupitar, salamence, sales, sceptile, swampert, zygarde
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