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Some sales + future gets post!

Hi everyone,

I recently had a large package shipped to me in Japan and I realized I didn't really want or need some of them so I'm offering them up for sale. (I hope to do a gets post tomorrow after another package that I'm expecting arrives.)

• I was granted sales permission on February 28, 2016 by areica96.
• My feedback is located here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/dragonkid20/
• All community rules apply (i.e. will not sell to banned members, non-members, etc.)
• I ship from Pennsylvania, USA. I am willing to ship internationally but please understand that shipping will be more expensive.
• I reuse packaging materials whenever possible, though this will be very easy for me to do as there are tons of discarded cardboard boxes and stuff at my school's post office hehe. Yay for saving on packaging costs! If you prefer that I don't, please let me know, in which case I will include cost of packaging in the total.
• I ship pretty much every day. Being on the receiving end of tons of orders, I understand the anticipation that comes with the packages being sent, so I will always do my best to get them out the following day.
• Item prices listed are in USD and do not include shipping or PayPal fees.
• I only accept payment via PayPal.
• The first person to inquire about an item gets dibs on the item. If there is no affirmative reply made within 24 hours of inquiry or the item is passed on, the next person interested in the item gets the opportunity to buy it. Otherwise, I will give you a total and expect payment to be made within 24 hours.
• I do accept haggling but please be reasonable with your offers. I do try to price my items fairly based on rarity and condition, but if you feel that an item is priced too high or something, please talk to me! :) I want to be as fair as possible to both of us.
• I am definitely willing to do holds and payment plans, as long as they're reasonable! If you require either, talk to me and we can work something out, for sure.
• I will ship once full payment is received.
• If you decide that you don't want a particular item after I've given you a total, that's fine! Just let me know ASAP so I don't keep the next person hanging and I can get you a new total. As a hard rule, however, if no payment is made in 24 hours, the item will be available to the next interested person.
• All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home.
• I am open to haggling and to trades for things of equal or lesser value on my wants list which can be found http://dragonkid20.livejournal.com/660.html. Please do not lowball me or be offended if I reject your offer. (I will most likely make a counteroffer, anyway.)
• I am not responsible for packages once they have been shipped out. If this is a concern for you, please consider buying package insurance.
• Tracking is usually included. If not, ask and I can include tracking costs in the total.
• By purchasing items from me, you are indicating that you agree to the conditions of these policies.

Palkia 2009 TOMY Vinyl Figures: $9 each

Charizard Plastic Model Figure: $5

Banpresto DX Vinyl Figures
Dialga: $17
Palkia: $14
or $28 for the pair

10th Anniversary Movie straps
Mewtwo: $8
Lugia (MIP): $10

TOMY Poseable Figures
Cobalion: $10
Groudon: $20

ORAS McDonald's Figures: $1 each

Unknown Cobalion thing (idk what to call it, really): $3.50


Ho-oh: $5 (clear one $8)
Arceus: $5 (clear one $8)
Pichu: $3 (clear one $4)
Raikou: $6 (clear one $8)
Entei: $8 (clear one $10)

More clear straps

Lugia: $7
Suicune: $8
Palkia: $5
Dialga: $8

More straps, all MIP
Pikachu: $4
Lickilicky: $3
Darkrai: $5
Drifblim: $4
Giratina (top): $8
Giratina (bottom): $7

Keychains: $4.50 each except Magikarp ($3)

Groudon mini figure: $3
Charizard pencil topper MIP: $7

Entei TOMY T-ARTS Poseable Figure MIP: $15

Shaymin Land Forme Vinyl Figure: $10
Shaymin Sky Forme Vinyl Figure MIB: $20
Giratina and the Sky Warrior DVD (Japanese): $7

Zekrom Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Lottery Figure (no base): $35

Lugia 2009 TOMY ShoPro Vinyl Figure: $13

Can be combined with other items I have for sale here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20858934.html

Thanks, everyone! Hooray for Friday!
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