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SSS gets!

My SSS package came in the mail today! My gifter did an amazing job and even managed to find a SUPER rare item for me!

My gifter was kuro_kage_kun! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! <3

First, a picture of everything! The first thing I opened was Canvas Ampharos, and I literally squealed out loud! I've wanted him for so long! They also got me some yummy chocolate (one of my favorites!), a Swirlix card (also one of my faves!), the Swirlix With You badge, two Battrio (well, they look like them! not sure if they technically are though), and last but not least... A TORTERRA RETSUDEN STAMP!

If you're a fan of DP Pokemon, you probably know that the Retsuden stamps for gen 4 are SUPER hard to find! I have a Grotle I bought when I first joined the community and have been on a hunt for the other Turtwig line stamps ever since. I haven't even seen any for sale! I was so happy when I saw it!

My gifter also sent a nice little letter and Turtwig drawing that I forgot to take pictures of (I have dogs that love to chew paper so I have to put paper things safely away as soon as I get them! Lol!). They also drew adorable Pokemon all over the box!

Bonus kitty picture:

Thanks for reading! :)
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