drzoidburger (drzoidburger) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking to buy these 3 Plush! Mime and some giants!

I am currently looking to purchase:

USA Edition/North America etc whatever the official term for it is xD -- Special Edition Pokemon Themed 3ds 20th Anniversary (charizard/blastoise one)- I've seen them range from $200+ but let me know how much you are asking. I have a direct deposit being sent monday, but I should have the funds by the end of week(or next monday at the very latest) if you can hold this for me :)

Mime Jr DX Pokedoll MWT- will consider tto/no tags
Thundurus Pokemon Center Plush MWT
Tornadus Pokemon Center Plush MWT

Let me know how much you want for them if you have them for sale.

I might only have enough for 1 or 2 right now but let me know how much you want and we'll see.
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