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Last Gets Before SSS+ Re-Intro!!!!

Hello, Everyone!

So, I've been seeing a lot of new members and re-intros on here, so I figured that since I've been around a year and a half or so, I should do a re-intro too!!!

Without further ado...

My name is Chris, but I will also respond to Ebon if you so choose!!! I'm eighteen years old, and a freshman studying Opera at a small university about twenty minutes from Detroit, MI. I started collecting pokémon in fourth grade with the jakks plush and figures, then falling out of pokémon shortly after Black and White came out. After about a three-year hiatus, I bought X the day it came out (Goodra looked too amazing to ignore), and I loved it. I went to an anime convention a few weeks later, and I bought a few Bandai kids, and I have been actively collecting for the past three years, and I don't really see an end in sight!!!

Mainly, I collect the Gogoat/Skiddo lines (there's a hot hunk of mutton), and recently, the Lillipup line (because they're based on yorkies and Scotties, and I'm Scottish). I also collect shiny pokémon as my main collection!

Now, On to the gets!!! :D

First are the shinies!

Shiny TCG!
I've had Jolteon for years, but only recently realized it was shiny! Magikarp is from Target last Saturday, and Gyarados is from the Shiny M. Gyarados box!

Shiny M. Gyarados Promo figure- This guy is really cool! :D

Shiny M. Metagross Tomy- Really nice figure, I wish I could take it out of the packaging without destroying the package :/

My friend made my this simplified shiny gogoat, and I can't even handle it ;-;
I loves him ;-;

Herdier and Stoutland MPC's!!! :D
I know I had herdier on my wants for SSS, but this guy is SUPER hard to find, so when this one popped up for $5, I jumped on him! I'd be totally okay if I got a second one, because mine is missing the pads under his front paws ;-;
No biggie though, since you can't notice if he's just standing there ^-^
Stoutland was a surprise gift from a seller who I got my four other MPC's in the post from! :D He made me want to start collecting the lillipup line fully!!!

New US Charizard PC Plush, and a Torchic Pokedoll from whitechocoheart!

Mew and the 1:1 pichu I believe I already showed, but noibat was a lucky gamestop find, after visiting four stores that day, and the 18 inch Fennekin was at my local TJ Maxx for $20, alongside the equally huge chespin and Pikachu.

Carracosta, Druddigon, Archeops, and Unfezant MPC's!!! :D
I love dragons and dinosaurs, so these were a great buy!!!
I got these four from the same seller through a preorder on a Facebook page back in December, but the package was delayed due to the Chinese New Year, then customs held them for WEEKS. I only got them all a week or so ago, and the seller knew I had asked about the stoutland that was unclaimed in the preorder, and sent him along for free! :D
Personally, I've heard that Archeops and Carracosta are rarer MPC's, and I have to say, I REALLY love MPC's!!!

Celebi 20th Anniversary plush!!! :D
I kept the box thingy, but I detached the plastic guys that hold him in, because they actually tore holes in celebi's little bum ;-;

Goat flats!!! :D
The tretta and stickers are from diamondphantom, and I pulled the Gogoat tcg from my gyarados box :3

And that is everything I have that's new from the last time I posted!!!
If you read this whole schpeel, you get major brownie points!
I will be posting as soon as my SSS is in (I literally pounce on my mailbox every day!)!!!

Thanks for reading, and happy collecting everybody!!!
Have a good night!

~ Chris/Ebon

P.S. If you are selling any Lillipup/Herdier/Stoutland figures or plush, EVEN THE BOOTLEG FIGURES AND PLUSH, and can point me to your sale, I'd really appreciate it!!! :D
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