Gib /// TylrStrr★ (antidahrling) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Gib /// TylrStrr★

Tomy Question + Looking for Pokedoll

Hey everyone! I had some quick questions and I'm hoping y'all will be able to help!

First question is regarding my 3rd generation/AG/old version Mawile Tomy ^^^
While cleaning my display case, I noticed the figure was covered in an oily feeling residue. Only this figure in particular felt like this. Now, this is also my only Tomy of this age so I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced anything like this, what causes it, and how I can stop it from happening. I keep this figure in a smaller display box type thing and it's never exposed to any extreme heat/humidity/anything that I would immediately assume that would cause something like this to happen so I haven't the slightest idea what's going on here.
The figure itself is fine and it didn't hurt any of the other things displayed with it but it is definitely very strange, I think.

Second, while also cleaning said display case, I found that my Japanese Vanillite Pokedoll had somehow been damaged... - it's tag got creased somehow...
So with that being said, unfortunately being the person I am, I am looking to replace it. Does anyone have a Japanese Vanillite Pokedoll for sale/know where I could find one? I'm IDEALLY wanting to pay $30.00 shipped for this little guy and get him right from one of you here but I'm willing to be flexible, if need be.

Thank you!
Tags: pokedoll, tomy, vanillite, wants
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