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Big Suicune Update, Gets, and SSS!

I've been holding off posting for a while now waiting for my SSS package to arrive, so here's a big dump/update now that it is here!

WARNING: Incredibly picture heavy.

My package of Suicune items from pkmnsuicune arrived several weeks ago. Here's a group shot of everything I purchased.

While flats aren't my biggest priority, I couldn't pass them up. Seeing as it's getting harder to find the items I'm missing, I figured I might as well increase my collection somehow.

This is by far one of my favorite TCG of Suicune. Normally I prefer the shiny effects on the Japanese cards better, but after comparing them I like the English versions better. This, the Neo shiny, and TMvsTA Suicune are my favorite. I'm only missing an English version of the Neo shiny and both TMvsTA.

I had no idea the dice were THIS BIG. I've seen them for sale and thought the prices were a bit high for a die, but this thing is much bigger than your normal dice. Bigger than a D20. So for anyone who wasn't sure about the size of these, there you go. While I may have small hands, and this isn't the best size comparrison, trust me when I say they're a decent size.

This is something I never thought I would personally own. Maybe it's not as rare as I think, but a pressed penny, a nice shiny penny at that.

I also managed to snag a NIB Suicune figure off Ebay for 10$!

I don't think I've seen this figure for sale before this instance. So I was quite excited about it. I'm a little disappointed that the water patch Suicune stands on is not as big as the picture on the box/instructions. They give you a tiny little sticker to place over the yellow rectangle that's suppose to "launch" Suicune. Mine doesn't seem to do much when I press the yellow stick.

And onto...

I see a little flaming mohawk! =3

It's a floppy Litleo! With his own little custom scarf! I've resisted many a times buying him from PC.com since he was added/the opened. I bought the Pokedoll version first who is equally adorable. (Pardon the boyfriend playing KotoR on Xbox in the background.)

Let's see what else was in the box!

These are actually my first PC charms! Funny thing is, I had the weirdest feeling that I was going to get these. I don't know why, but I just -knew- they would be coming in my SSS package. I'm psychic?

There's still more!

Lots of yummy snacks! (That I totally don't need but will enjoy!) I opened the ramune gummies first because my curiousity was piqued quite a bit by them. They're quite... bubbly? Maybe not the word, but it definitely prickles your tongue. Next up I opened the Torottos. Oh my was I overwhelmed with a delicious aroma! They smelled SOOOOO good! They are actually quite tastey and I will have to keep my eye open for them when I go to one of the Asian markets in Lincoln again.

So who was my SSS gifter? It's inky_starlight! Thank you, inky! My little Litleo will keep his scarf on to forever make him special. =3

Lastly, we have some random gets and updated display!

We moved our "living room" around a bit and brought in the entertainment stand. This gave me lots of new shelves to fill and clear off my dresser top which was getting quite full.

Here's the left tower:

Close-Ups of the two shelves:

I can't remember what I last posted about, so the new gets in this are: Salamence Data Carier, Salamence suction cup?, Vaporeon PKTime Tin?, all the Suicune stuff mentioned above, Litwick rubber strap hanging from the dragon's wing, and Goomy line charms from SSS!

Plush shelf! Luxray, Reshiram, and Goomy were pleased to welcome Litleo! (They all look so happy about it, hehe.)

And finally the bridge across the TV:

I finally managed to find Charizard and Lucario Amiibos! I've seen Charizard before, but the Gamestop in Lincoln had both so I couldn't help but grab them. I also snagged the new TOMY line Mega Lucario and Absol at Walmart. If they had Mega Banette I would have grabbed that as well. I really like this new "action" TOMY series. They're very nice quality for "toys" and much bigger than the normal TOMY figures with some articulation. While Mega Absol really can't be posed much different than what is shown, Mega Lucario can be.

I still can't wait until we find a house and I can unpack the rest of my stuff. I'd love to get all my Suicune stuff together for an updated group shot. =(
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