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SSS gets~!

Goooooood evening, morning, afternoon, or night everybody~!!!! Just wanted to report that my SSS gift came in!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful SSS because I know I am!
If you wanna take a look then come right ahead. :3

First off I wanna say that my apologies for the late post since I had family over, and work. v w v;;;

Quick introduction.
Howdy~! My name is Clarissa, but can call me Clair. I've been with the community and collecting pokemon merchandise for about 3 to 4 years now? I'm from South Texas so a small shout out for all my other fellow Texas collector's. My main pokemon I collect are skuntank, stunky, woobat, swoobat, wigglytuff, and a few other pokemon.
Now onto the gift~!

I love this card so much! The pose of Slowpoke reminds me of my sister's dog. x3

The magnificient tiamatruler was my gifter! The artwork is so cute, not a lot of people can draw stunky's face. ; w ; I already love everything so far!

I got so excited that I forgot to take a picture before taking everything out. ^^;;; So I put everything back in, but it wasn't as perfect as the way tiamatruler did. I swear I don't know if they played Tetris or not because everything was just fitting perfectly. xD

(Please excuse my cats;;;)
AHHHHHHHH! I love all these pastel colors, and I so adore the chocolates! I'm so going to keep the boxes because who doesn't love animals in cute outfits?

Wonder what this could be?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH~! I love my little skunks soooo much~! I have these kids already but you can never have too many skunks! I love duplicates because they always look so good with other merchandise on both sides, and I can actually have a set on my desk.

I actually didn't want to open this one up because of the way it looked. I always enjoy seeing presents wrapped up like this, and it makes me even more curious on what it could be because of the shape.

DAWWWWW! Look at this little water mouse! I loved playing Ruby and Sapphire and my main water type was Marill. I always loved its little tail, and when I found out a cute tiny little plush came out of the little guy I really wanted one so this was a wonderful surprise!

My younger brother wanted to help open my gifts so we took turns. He was really happy to open this one for me.

Because I sure was!!!!
I love the MPC plush very much. I love the little tags, the details, and the chains that come with them. Even more for my fluffy bats! I'm so looking forward to hanging them with the flock of woobats and swoobats I have! The MPC woobat I have didn't have a tag so I'm very very happy to have one with a tag, and a swoobat with a wrapped wings look.x3 The swoobat mpc I have has a "set" pose to where the wings are more forward, and I love how the wrapped wings on this one is a natural look.

Time for the pink one! I love this color combo very much, and was eager to open this one up.


Oh my gosh his little feet T A T I was really really surprised by this! I don't know what it is, but I've been taken by mew just a little bit, and this plush of him is just too cute! I love the little feet pads, the tail, and the tag is soooo cute! I tried really hard to not squeal too loud because of my neighbors, but it was so hard to resist. I would really love to name this little guy, but I'm really horrible with names so if anyone has some I'd be happy to hear.

I see someone's cute pink nose sticking out. Cx

LOOK AT DAT! I loved that woobat got its own pokedoll! I was able to snag the American pokedolls, but I haven't gotten around to getting the Japanese pokedoll. I love the blue tag so much! Thank you!

I missed taking a shot of the wrapping, but come on. Look at that smile? This little bat was ready to come out. I love gen 5 very much. It is my favorite generation that came out with a lot of good pokemon in my opinion, and this bundle of joy is one of them. I love that smile, the poofy fluff, and even more knowing that this pokemon evolves when it has a lot of happiness with you. I just really cannot express myself from just seeing all of these wonderful items of my favorite pokemon as I unwrap them.

Again I missed another shot. ^^;;; Look at the adorable birbs! ; w ; Starly is my favorite bird pokemon from Sinnoh, and after getting a shiny starly in my game this birb flew its way into my heart. I love the singing pose kid! It gives the pokemon more of a personality, and that little bronze figure is amazing! Out of all the metal figures bronze is my favorite one, and when I saw it I flipped! Even more finding out they made a starly bronze metal figure!

Okie dokie everyone, you made it this far!
Last but not least *drum roll*

AHHHHHHH! Again, was not expecting this! The petit series is adorable! I do enjoy that the American pokemon center has key hooks? If that is what they are called? On their plush so we can put them on their bags. I love the thought of having a little Jirachi go with you everywhere you go on your adventure to help fulfill your dreams.

I love everything very much~! I'm having such a wonderful time with SSS that I will for sure participate next year.
Thank you so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much tiamatruler. You did a fantastic job with everything, and if I could I would give you a big hug! I'm gonna go enjoy the chocolate bars right now by making delicious hot schmoes.
Thank you everyone for reading!
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