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sss gets + wants list!

Hi! I got my SSS package from nysaurus a few days ago, thank you so much! I'm a little busy now so I couldn't do a proper photo story. Seeing the Singapore tracking number already gave it away that it's you, haha. The little Pokemon cookies are delicious, which tins were they from?
I've always wanted to collect Litwick/Chandelure so thank you for the petit plush!! Seeing it in person reminds me again why I love this line so much. :)

Seeing everyone's SSS gets are so fun!! Sorry if my post isn't very interesting, I'm bad at photo stories/taking photos in general...
On a side note, I hope my SSS package reaches my giftee soon... :D

I drew up a detailed wants list a while ago but didn't get the chance to post about it yet. Click the image below or here to head to my wants!

Also: I'm casually collecting cards by Tomokazu Komiya/kawayoo/TOKIYA! Not looking for holos/reverse holos/EXs/super rare things, just the cheapest versions of the cards with their art on it. :)

They aren't a huge priority for me now, so I would prefer to get at least 5 or more cards from the same person at a reasonable price to make it worth the shipping. Take the chance to dump all your extra regular cards to me!! Will gladly take them as long as I don't already have them. The cards I have are in my most recent collection update post here, plus a few more that aren't pictured.

Did you get your SSS package yet?

Didn't participate

Have a great week ahead!
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