shinychikorita (lisarastogi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Another addition to the Chika family.

Hello guys!

I'm back again with a new addition to my collection and also another plush to cross off my want list!

[What could it be?]

Banpresto 2001(?) Sledding Chikorita (There are so many Chikorita plushies out there, even I lose track of them)

I realized that a lot of people commented on my previous post and I want to thank you guys for the warm welcome. I'm definitely stressed these days but coming back and looking at all these comments and people posting pictures of their collection makes me a little happy.

I'm still on the hunt for Chikorita plushplush MWT, Tomy 1:1 Chikorita MWT, and other grails. However, I'm not in any hurry of buying these at the moment since I'm on a long payment plan for a super rare console. If you have one and are willing to hold on to it for mw for a while, please feel free to let me know.

Thank you,

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