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SSS Gets + Sales reminder

Hi guys!

I'm really excited, because I got my SSS gift!! My gifter got me so many wonderful presents <3 Come and take a look under the cut!

And with SSS coming to a close, these discounts won't be here much longer. I've still got tons of plush and figures available!

What's this?? I think I see a Shaymin!! I'm gonna take a look at the note first.

A little Pumpkaboo?

My gifter is pumpkaboo_patch! Thank you so much for everything! This note is so sweet, it made me smile :') It really means a lot how much you went out of your way for me. I hope you get amazing gifts if you haven't already, and have a happy Easter! I can't thank you enough! <3



I wasn't expecting this for sure!! It's the 711 lotto Shaymin. I started collecting Shaymin in 2008 and originally focused on his Sky form, but his land form really grew on me. Definately happy to add this to my collection! Thank you for such a wonderful surprise!

Vullaby MPC!! Thanks to my lovely gifter, I finally got one. :)

That's not all, what else is in here?

Sweets!! These went fast.

Wrapped gifts with cute doodles!

Sprites!!! I always wanted these of my favorite Pokemon, but I didn't have much luck at cons. Thank you!! Did you make them pumpkaboo_patch?

"Pokemon With You" Raichu button!

LT Surge bookmark! I love how shiny it is.

KIDS! I didn't have any of these yet!! They were placed on the shelf shortly after being opened.

no title

2008 Mcdonalds light up Shaymin!! I only had the dark green one. The little Shaymin glows orange!

Thank you for reading, and I hope everyone had a great SSS and Easter!
For those still waiting on their gifts, I hope you're all happy with your presents when you get them! :)

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