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Re-intro + Gets + Collection Update!

Hello, it's been so long since I last posted in the community (I've been stalking constantly though). I appear here to make a post after a whole year passed. Since I saw many new users here and not many remember me, I'm going ahead and introduce myself again:

I'm a 23 year old collector living in Mexico and a veterinarian student. I mainly collect plushies but recently I started collecting cards. My favorite Pokemon is Spritzee and my favorite generation so far is the third one. I started playing Pokemon when I was 6 - 7 years old with Pokemon Red and I'm still playing those games (hoping to one day challenge many other trainers in the world with my dream team~).
(Warning: Image heavy)

Let's start with my recent gets, from August to this day:
no title
They look so colorful together~ Anyway, I've been getting my items from ebay but one plush got lost in the way (Delphox pokedoll, sniff) so I changed my method of obtaining merchandise by buying them through Y!J and

Altaria is the prettiest San-Ei plush so far for me, it's so darling. I also fell in love with Dragonair being posable (wonder if Pokecen is going to release Dratini too...). Yamask was very cheap! I'm really glad I got a legit one, and Nidoran M is very well done, of course he needs Nidoran F by his side.

Mega Sceptile makes some sounds, but I think it needs a Mega Bracelet for more cries (?). I'm still debating whether or not take it out of the box. Finally got a Tyrunt plush! (it was hard to found one). Vulpix was a gift from my mother for Xmas, I ordered it from the Pokemon Center US site and my aunt delivered it to me when she visited us (and just a week later it restocked in Japan TuT). Larvitar arrived in the McDonald's plastic bag, but I decided to take it out since it was barely visible. The Secret Base dolls are quite charming, and Mudkip took the place of the one I had before from a different brand.

These are the last part of my gets. Arcanine's design is beautiful and it has very soft material; I ordered it from Amazon, and it was my first time buying there (and not the last one!). I was concerned about Archen because of the bootlegs in ebay, but Y!J had this one MWT so I couldn't helped it and here it is. I didn't intend on getting an Espurr plush when it was first announced but my girlfriend said it was cute and later on I was convinced that I liked it (I love the beans inside San-Ei plushies, by the way!). And last but not least, my first Canvas plush: Lapras! Finally got it for an affordable price and I'm so happy about it!~

Now onto my collection!

This is how part of my collection looks now. I order my plushies according to their type. The legendaries aren't part of that organization because they are so big that they don't fit in the squares, so I left them like that.

These have been the same for the past couple of years except for Jirachi, which I got recently.

(Sorry for the light in my room, it's not the best as you'll see)
I changed the bug Pokemon to this shelf since I wanted another look in the corner. It's a shame I didn't get more plushies for this section but my goal is to find them! At least for now they can be displayed neatly.

Next is the Fairy type box! The newest additions are Carbink and the Clefairy Doll, and recently, Azurill is also part of it (it was with the Water types until I checked the Pokedex orz).

Dragon box! They've released big plushies for them, I think another one might be difficult to fit in here... Nonetheless, just two additions are here: Dragonair and Rayquaza, both posable! I wasn't looking for this version of Rayquaza but the posable thing got me. With Dragonair, Dratini's line is complete!

There are 2 types here, Poison and Ground, due to the lack of space. I just noticed Drillbur isn't very visible (xc). My recent gets are here, they make the shelf look more colorful and cluttered. I need another Nidorina, her nose bothers me to no end |D

Likewise, this is a dual type box: Rock/Fighting. The only new member is Tyrunt!

The Flying box looks a bit more crowded thanks to Altaria and Archen. I want to replace Chatot and Pidove with the Pokedoll and Pokecen versions respectively.

As sad as it is, this shelf has been the same for some time now. I've been having trouble finding new Pokemon for this shelf, but let's hope this year I'm getting one for good ovo9

Now, let's go to the stairs shelf! I'm so proud of how it looks right now~!

Aside from Vulpix and Arcanine, Emboar is a new addition along with the Torchic Doll. Here's my grail of grails, Combusken UFO!! I think it goes well with the Torchic Doll~ I can't say that the Tepig line is completed since I've been wanting to replace it with another version. Also, Fennekin's line was going to be completed with the Delphox Pokedoll but it got lost in the way TAT

I'm proud of this Psychic shelf since it looks more vivid with the newest additions: the Espurr line! My girlfriend refers to my deceased cat as Espurr because she had such big eyes like it, so now Espurr has a different meaning to me~

I love this shelf so much because when I first started collecting, I didn't have many Electric types, and now I can't add a new plushie anymore! My new additions are Dedenne (which I got this past summer vacation in Alabama), Manectric and PC Jolteon. This last plush replaced my Takara Tomy Jolteon...

But it's in the shelf below guarding my manga!!

Let's go to one of the corners of my room (which is just beside the stairs shelf)!

At the top were my Bug Pokemon. I decided to switch them and I don't regret it!

My newest plushies are Amaura and Lapras! I got Amaura in my country while going out with my girlfriend. I actually bought the Japanese version but the seller didn't have it in stock anymore, so they offered me something else from their shop and that's how I got Frogadier. Also, Lapras was going to be with the Water types but decided against it and placed it with the cool Pokemon~

The Ghost shelf was so close to be the same if it weren't for Yamask. Can't wait to get more plushies for this section!~ Also, here I have my most prized posession, the Banette plush!

Next we'll go to the other corner of my room:

This shelf has more plushies but they aren't Pokemon so I cut the image.

The Normal types are at the top. I just noticed Minccino fell Dx But anyway, the only new addition is Zangoose, the last birthday present I got from my dear papa along with Gogoat~

The Grass types are next to each other. Originally they were all cluttered in the same space but I decided to separate them like this to let them breathe (?). The new additions are Gogoat, Virizion and Mega Sceptile~.

And the last part, (yes, you're brave to reach this point) the Water Pokemon!

Most part of my collection is here! It's hard to add a new plushie here. The new ones are Wailord, Wailmer, Mudkip, Frogadier and Froakie. Also, shiny Magikarp is now part of the crew! (It was next to Cobalion a year ago).

That's not all but I don't want to fill this post with more items, haha! You can check everything else in my site Super-Neon at weebly~ (The site is still in construction but very up to date).

I'm still looking for the Mareep UFO and now the Swablu Doll (I'm desperate for both but I'm not going to pay for overpriced items, so I hope I get them both this year!).
Thank you for looking!~
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