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SSS Gets~

Yesterday I came home to an unexpected package waiting for me, but I've been rather busy all weekend and only now had some time to make a post, but I was super excited to get to open this!

As soon as I saw the name on the package I knew who my gifter was XD

It was none other that zigguppafu !!!
I love the lil drawings and from here the package got more and more exciting to open :D

There was so much here omg @-@

A nidorina hasbro plush! Nido is super cute and this plush is adorable <3

As well as a new bulba plush for my saur army! This plush has the goofiest fangs!

A bulbasaur bank! I'd been putting off getting one of these for no real reason so I'm super glad to have it now! It's much bigger than I expected!

And an adorable stuffed rabbit XD I adore rabbits ;w;

there was also an unopened burger kiing toy, which happened to be...

Bulbasaur of course! his eyes light up when you push down on it :0

There were a ton of eggs filled with candy that didn't last long at all ;w; but one egg had even more saurs inside! A venu keychain and a puchi chara bulbasaur! :D

Underneath all the candy was yet another present...

The grass type picture frame @-@ This had been a pretty big want of mine for awhile and I was so excited seeing it :D I've wanted this frame to put a very important picture in so it's super special ;w; Thank you so much for this zigguppafu !!!

Underneath the grass was...even more stuff omg @-@

Look at all these stickers 0A0 so many pokemon I collect! I'll probably put the extra bulbasaur on my sewing machine :D

There were also these neat photo frames I havent seen before! They have a whole bunch of pokemon on them including several I collect, like bulbasaur, plusle, minun, and latios~

as well as a really nice coloring book filled with mega evolutions

including the most important one of course :3c

another coloring book! this one from the 3rd movie!

and of course bulba is in this one too >w>

I'm not too sure what this book is! I think it's for practising writing in japanese? :0 but bulba, plusle and minun are all on the cover!

Some pencil boards from firered/leafgreen! love the one focused on venusaur :D

All of the flats together @-@ I forgot to take pictures of a few including the clearfiles and more stickers XD The clearfiles will be great for keeping my sewing patterns organized :D

And everything all together! Thank you again zigguppafu!! You went above and beyond and I'm super happy with my gift!!

I'm just finishing up my sss gift to get shipped out in the next couple days, I'm so excited to send it :D This event is one of my favorite parts of this community ^-^

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