Jade the Four Eyed Alien (foureyedalien) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jade the Four Eyed Alien

Cheap charms wanted!

Hello community! It's been a really long time since I've posted here I joined in 2011 I believe? I collect the Hoppip line and Slugma line! I also somehow found myself collecting charms.

I'm posting today because I'm looking to buy Dex charms! Specifically cheaper ones to the US! For around $1-$3 each, preferably a couple from each seller. I know a lot of people buy sets because they want a specific Pokemon from that set, but don't much care for the other ones. WELL I'M HERE TO BUY THE ONES YOU DON'T WANT.


I have a lot of charms (over 200!), so I'm sure there will be some that I already have. But I'm open to any that I don't have and possibly doubles, since I use them for jewelry!

I'm also looking for Lunatone and the Clefairy line, so if anyone has those, I'm willing to pay regular for those guys. Thanks!
Tags: charms, wants
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