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Gets! :)

Hello everyone! I just got some new stuff I wanted to share! ^.^ Unfortunately it´s not my SSS gift ^-^' But anyway, there are some lovely things <3 Just look under the cut! :D

First are these guys! I got them a couple of time ago, I wanted to leave feedback, but forgot your username! ;_; Sorry!
I just ordered the big gloom figure, but the seller also include some other things into the package! I was so surprised and I really appreciate it! <3 Thanks so much! I normally don´t collect gloom, but couldn´t resist to this figure when I saw it in the salespost (and I don´t wanted to buy so much anymore xD)
I own the big version of the son&francos oddish figure which I love much since it was kind of a dream for me as I was a child and through the comm I finally got it! So it means a lot to me!

Both are so cute together!! <3
Next is a Raichu bromide card I bought from our member ku_bek! It isn´t holo unfortunately, but I still love it! I just really adore flats which are holographic lol. The pose is so cute and I like the nature background!

Here is a new Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon "flyer" or prefer a small book which cute artwork inside! I got it for free in my local saturn store! :3 I was surprised to see that they already sell the new game here in germany! I didn´t know that! Also I saw the new 2DS special versions of the old games Red, Blue and Yellow! They look so great, but I haven´t the money to buy them now.


I was surprised I found THIS Raichu figure on ebay sold by a german seller! I do not remember these figures were sold here anytime...I´m even not sure what it is exactly - a rubber figure? Or a minimodel? But it´s so cute and also the color fits perfect! I´m so lucky! ^_^ It has the nintendo stamp on the back so I´m sure it´s legit!
And last but not least: BUTTERFREE PLUSH!!!

I found him even on ebay germany for around 10$. I think this guy isn´t much rare, but even hard to find for a small price...It´s a derpy play-by-play butterfree plush! ^-^ He looks so cute x,D I love him! The tag says that the plush is for amusement parks only, sale forbidden. So that´s why these plushies are so derpy! They´re just bad quality. Just look at the wings: Omg! I was a bit shocked when I saw this. I didn´t know that these plushies have THAT bad quality. It looks like the pre-owner gave him selfmade wings after the originals were damaged or so xD This was my first thought xD

But otherwise he look well made and soooo cute! <3 It´s the first time I hold this plush in hands, just see it on photos before. Because he was preowned he has to take a bath! He really enjoyed it! xD

Now he looks much better!! ^^

Ok that was all for now! ^^ Next time I will post my SSS for sure when I got it! I´m SO excited for it!

Thanks for looking everyone! :3 Have a great day or night! I´m going to bed now!

Also a little reminder for my art commissions which are still open! You can find the original post here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20821840.html
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